#ASP2020: Kick-off in L’Autre Canal Nancy

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The whole venue is made available for the 5 freshers gathered in Nancy (France) to particpate in the 4-day-launching module of our transnational artist support programme 2020. Both stages and rehearsal facilities are fully assigned to them for the period.

This is the starting point of a series of workshops tutored by specialized professionals as well as counselling musicians and technicians that aim at developing the bands’ collective know-how and working methods in each of the required abilities that popular music demands. that-is-to-say: rehearsals & live music, creativity & recorded music and business & networking.

Coined Multipistes Intensive Course, this kick-off session is built around a set of recurrent workshops, dealing with musical practice, body & voice as well as stage performance. During 4 days, the bands are going to be fully immersed in their common passion: music. Under the scrutiny of a pool of experienced counselling musicians, they work on how to improve their practices: how to better express and convey the outstanding emotions that music – specifically their music – can trigger.

The next stage will then take the bands to Rheinland-Pfalz where the participants will partake in a songwriting, production and sound design session with a specialized producer and leave with a demo tape. Then, they will be heading for a 2-day-recording session intended at doing final takes and the mix of a single track due to release. To do so, we jointly edit a careful selection of producers and recording facilities – each of them renowned in a genre from the wide spectrum of popular music, from which the bands are invited to choose from, depending on their artistic endeavour and sensitivity.