Artist Support Programme 2020: timeline extended to year 2021

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It seems that frontiers will be kept open within the E.U and we made the decision to have the several canceled modules of our cross-boarding Artist Support Programme re-scheduled in the Year 2021.

Uncertainty and severe restrictions still apply to concerts and live shows throughout our respective countries. However, members of the Multipistes Network have now been dealing with the consequences of the Covid crisis and remain vigilant to adapt their workflow to this evolving sanitary situation.

SONIC VISIONS FESTIVAL will unfortunately not take place this year. Nevertheless, ROCKLAB has been designing an online version of the MUSIC LAB so as to offer a set of relevant conferences and workshops. Expect further details early in October.

Well, stay safe and creative and be assured that our network still gets committed to advocate and explore alternative solutions to support musicians and music professionals affected more than ever by precarity.