Artist support programme: back on track!

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In early January, L’Autre Canal Nancy hosted the launching module of the renewed Multipistes artist support programme. Coined Multipistes Intensive Course, this first session triggers of a whole series of workshops and training sessions that await the bands and artists selected for this year’s programme all throughout the Greater Region.

The Intensive Course is built around a set of recurrent workshops, dealing with musical practice, body & voice as well as stage performance. During 72 hours, the bands and artists are fully immersed in their common passion: music. Under the scrutiny of a pool of experienced counselling musicians, they work on how to improve their practices: how to better express and better convey the outstanding emotions that music – specifically their music – can trigger.

The next stop will then take the bands and artists to Rheinland-Pfalz and to the venues of MAEL – Musiques Actuelles en Lorraine – where the participants will partake in a songwriting, production and sound rendition session with a specialized producer and an on-stage sound management workshop. Stay tuned with our facebook page which, while tracking the bands, will feature plenty of busy spots where the future soundtrack of the Greater Region is actually being produced.