L’Autre Canal Nancy lives at the pace of MULTIPISTES

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The whole venue is made available for the 5 freshers gathered in Nancy (France) to participate in the 4-day-launching module of our transnational artist support program 2020. Both stages and rehearsal facilities are fully dedicated to them for the period, alongside the assigned staff of the venue.

Coined Multipistes Intensive Course, this kick-off session is built around a set of recurrent workshops, dealing with musical practice, body & voice and stage performance. During 4 days, the bands are fully immersed in their common passion: music. Under the scrutiny of a pool of experienced counseling musicians, they work on how to improve their practices: how to better express and convey the outstanding emotions that music – specifically their music – can trigger.

They usually end up exhausted and enthusiastic, with a set of recommendations that, once processed and assimilated, will turn into work directions and guidelines for the rest of the year.