MUSIQUES ACTUELLES EN LORRAINE represents seven publicly-funded amplified music venues spread all over the french territory of the Greater Region : Lorraine – aka Lothringen beyond the river Rhine.

They have officially merged into a network coined MAEL – acronym of Musiques Actuelles En Lorraine – in year 2015 and collaborate in the field of Popular Music to edit relevant resources, inform musicians and support bands, organisations, business initiatives and any type of music-related projects.

Each of them operates on its hinterland by allocating the resources it disposes of: skilled staff, rehearsal spaces (studios and stage), recording facilities and quality venues.

The seven of them have collectively set up a range of devices to address the whole spectrum of identified needs of their target groups, whatever the ambitions at stake.

L’Autre Canal in Nancy had long time ago taken the lead in the process and those affiliates do believe in cross-boarding opportunities. They indeed all had participated in the eponymous Multipistes project from 2012 and do now show a strong will to be part of further cooperation initiatives from 2016 on.


UPDATE 2019: Lorraine, Alsace and Champagne-Ardenne have now merged into a new administrative region coined GRAND-EST with a single regional council, whose appropriate framework policies are not yet comprehensively defined. However, a few newcomig actors with similar means and concerns from those two geographical regions are meant to consolidate the regional network from 2020 on.