Coined « MULTIPISTES NIGHT« , L’Autre Canal in Nancy, on behalf of our network, will be hosting one panel and three live shows on Tuesday 22th of September 2020. Whereas the Popular Music sector experiences hard times, L’Autre Canal through the event ÉTE INDIEN – a one-month festival and conference – wishes to participate in relaunching the music scene and in designing new insights for the Post-COVID era.

18:30 | The evening will be starting with a panel meant to make attendees understand WHY and HOW – relying on local, regional, national expertise – cross-boarding cooperation can re-shape cultural landscapes by producing and multiplying concrete opportunities for all entities and individuals who embark on this path.

A unique chance to discover at once inspiring initiatives that work and last, with those who are committed to lead projects which embody primary values defended by the E.U.

We will be pleased to welcome (unless some of our guests have to face travel restrictions abroad for sanitary reasons):

Esther MIKUSZIES | Head of Goethe Institut Nancy-Strasbourg | Ohmygoethe#3

Mischa SCHMELTER | Head of European and Cross-Boarding Activities – Department of Culture, Heritage and Memory | Région Grand Est

Florian SCZESNY | Project manager Initiative Pop – POP RLP Competence Centre for Popular Music in Rhineland-Palatinate |

Markus GRAF | C.E.O POP RLP Competence Centre for Popular Music in Rhineland-Palatinate |

Benoit NIVELET | Project manager in Popular Music Culture and Sports Department of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg |

Julien HOHL | C.E.O Maison PEGASE – Representative of the Multipistes Network based in Strasbourg |

The panel will be held in French. German and English shall arise in the debate and will be translated whenever necessary. Hosted by Jean Christophe Gérard, coordinator of the Multipistes Network, based at L’AUTRE CANAL.

20:30 |THE OUTDOOR STAGE will beat at the pace of MULTIPISTES with a selection of three promising bands supported by our network, illustrating the diversity and quality of the artistic offer anchored in the Greater Region. Trust us and seize the chance to check by yourselves how live music remains a unique experience!!!