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NEWCOMER 2018 – Follow-up by Province de Luxembourg – Belgique

Anchored in southern Belgium, Maxime Duysens (lead vocals and guitars), Maxime D’Hondt (guitars and backing vocals) and Benjamin D’Hondt (bass) have built up  this new project in 2015 on the ashes of their latest bands, Bliss Out v.0 (2005-2008) and Noisy Decade (2009-2015). Maxime Wirtgen joined them on the drums in september 2016 and they jointly decided to relaunch the brand “Bliss Out”.  They proudly claim the 90’s rock music heritage by coining themselves post-grunge. The genre indeed is still vividly inspiring for a new breed of bands renewing it. Bliss Out plays that game with its own rules: no make-believe, just genuine songs.

Since the release of their debut single “Pimp Our Kids” in November 2015, the band has kept on composing solid tunes and eventually headed for a recording session in early 2018. Their first 9-track-album is going to be released in February 2019.

Photography: Bliss Out by Mélanie Gaillard.