Fresher 2020 – Follow-up by Rocklab – Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

C’est Karma has played music for all her life. It all got serious, when in the summer of 2015 she strummed her guitar strings for the first time. Quickly grasping her music should be heard, she started busking the streets of Luxembourg and songwriting at the age of 16, shortly after she moved on to play on her first stages and since then her journey as a musician has started to rise. Her smooth and smoky voice cuts right through every venue and captivates the very essence of the audience’s soul. Hearing C’est Karma perform is not only an unforgettable experience for your ears but especially for the mind and soul. Even though her music is very soft and mild her passion for the rebellious artist plays a large role in her songwriting process. C’est Karma continues to baffle audiences with her intimate music.

Pictures by Léa Giordano – Roxanne Peguet.