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Mgmt – Booking – Headline Concerts: Patrick Kirsch

NEWCOMER 2018 – Follow-up by LAG Rock & Pop RLP – Germany

Emmelshausen, Boppard, Kastellaun – three small towns of the district of Hunsrueck, not particularly famous for being a land of stunning musical creativity. The first one is however pretty well-known for being a thermal resort curing lung disease, the second one is the hometown of a guy who once decided to make a tour of the Rhine valley on board a makeshift boat though the third one may actually be more identified for being the ground of Germany’s largest Technorave. But in no means reputed as an burgeoning independent scene hosting talented musicians dedicated to being innovative!

This combination is certainly the reason why the five boys brought together into INDIANAGEFLUESTER have just developed a completely – and previously unheard in Germany so far – unique and peculiar sound rendition , in which they manage to mix rap music with indie rock, rich grooves and a classical element that sounds truly exceptional, amidst such a line up: cello.