Sonic Visions: our Music Conference & Festival, next door

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Since its very beginning in 2008, Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival has developed into one of the Rockhal’s annual key events where the music industry actually gets to meet the artist and vice-versa.

The 2015 edition awaits you with a series of hands-on workshops, theme-oriented panels with high-profile speakers and a bunch of networking opportunities where artists and (future) music professionals can find the information they need to push their project further. The topics, which are mostly treated from a DIY and artist point of view, will focus on revenue streams, online marketing strategies and digital tools for musicians, music journalism, sync & advertising opportunities for musicians or the live music markets in Germany, France and Belgium, to name but a few.

As Rockhal and Rocklab (M&R Rockhal) are working in several networks on a European level, the conference will see a lot of high profile international music professionals coming (again) to Luxembourg this year.